Embassy of Japan in Finland

This site is mainly in Finnish, but it has a Guide to Living in Japan for English speaking people. For Finns who intend to study in Japan, the embassy has information on stipends, language studies and Japan related material available in the library of the embassy.

Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan

The main purpose of FCCJ is to promote trade and economic exchange between Japan and Finland. The Chamber’s web site contains bulletins, newsletters, reports and a company guidebook with links to company sites. The site also has information on meetings, other events, daily updated business news from Finland, etc.

Finnish Japan institute

Finnish-Japanese Society

This web site has information in Finnish on the courses (language, travelling, cooking) and excursions organised by the society as well as general information on the Japanese culture and food.

Friends of Japanese Culture Society

The aim of the society is mainly directed towards making Japanese Culture known in Finland as well as promoting Finnish-Japanese cultural interaction in general. The web site has information in Finnish on the hobbies organised by the society.

A comprehensive guide to Japan including sightseeing, accommodation, transportation, shopping, regions, prefectures, cities, working, studying, living cost, apartments, arts and crafts, entertainment, history, religion, etiquette, food, language and tradition.

Japania ry

The society offers information in Finnish on its publications, trips, hobbies, courses and stipends.


This web site in Finnish includes practical information on Japan for people who intend to visit Japan.


Photos taken by Mr. Jacob Fakeh, artisan student of Omnia, during his on-the-job training period at Jinpuu, an enviromental design and construction company in Chiba in March, 26 – June, 1, 2012.

Kanjikaveri – Opi Japania

On this web site the Finnish speaking people can learn Japanese, both grammar and writing.

Learning Supplements

This web site of the Association for Japanese-Language Teaching has an excellent “Online Japanese” section. The Englsih-Japanese audiovisual wordbook allows you to practice numbers, counting, currency units, family relations, verbs, adjectives etc.

Nipponia Magazine

Nipponia is a quarterly web magazine that introduces modern Japan to people all over the world. It has the following sections: Life & Culture, Travel & History, Science & Technology, Art & Entertainment, Nature & Geography, People & Work.

Statistical Handbook of Japan

The Statistical Handbook of Japan 201 is designed to provide a clear and coherent overview of present-day Japan through statistics. It provides statistical tables, figures, maps, and photographs to portray conditions in modern-day Japan from a variety of perspectives, including demographics, economic and social trends, and culture. Most of the comments and statistical data for this purpose have been drawn from principal statistical publications available from government and other leading sources. The SHJ is published annually in August or September.

Suuntana Japani

Suuntana Japani -opas on suunnattu erityisesti niille, jotka ovat kiinnostuneita opiskelusta Japanissa. Oppaassa on tietoa myös muista mahdollisuuksista lähteä Japaniin.This online guide in Finnish is made for those who are interested in studying in Japan.