How we made a game in Tokyo

I arrived in Japan 11th of February, on a Sunday morning, with 3 other interns. The 10hr flight went surprisingly fast, I watched a few movies on board and tried to sleep, without much success on the latter though. We were picked up from the airport by our employers, and we drove to the Sakura House office to sign tons of paperwork for our accommodation.—

First week of work was really interesting, and a bit challenging, as the existence of the language barrier became clear rather quickly. But a whiteboard or some pen and paper really helps with figuring out details or misunderstood things from the task manual. (copy pasting into google translate is kind of a 50/50 chance of being useful or utter nonsense) Sure, there was some trial and error at first, but I feel like I’ve finally started to get the hang of things, and the pacing of the work a little bit. I’ve been able to start working at a better pace this second week. In general, work is really interesting! All the things that come with localization and the workload that goes into creating banners for different resolution devices and all that. I fee like I am learning a whole lot.—

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